So after waiting a year of being in the shadows of my thoughts, I came to the conclusion last night that while it felt good to have lots of views of my last post, if feels better to just write again. I’ve always said that this blog was for me, not you, and I do […]

I called myself a writer the other day and I don’t know why. I haven’t written in one year and one month. Yet here I am, now writing. Part of the reason why I didn’t write is because I didn’t want to deal with my crap. Sure, I was busy. But when writing is your […]

A big part of growing up is learning how to do things that you don’t want to do, but have to. I’m talking about little things like taking out the garbage, cleaning, having proper etiquette at social gatherings- and even bigger things such as bathing your mom after her surgery. Yet some things happen involuntarily […]

I’m making a bad habit out of not writing; I think it’s because I have SO MUCH CRAP going on that I don’t want to think about it all- let alone tie it all together in that blender of thoughts in my head. But that’s kind of the point of my blog, that everyone has […]

Recently I skirted around an issue about someone who I am “hanging out” with in a conversation I had with my 16 year old son. I told my son that I was “hanging out” with said guy, thinking that it would placate him enough to not ask those probing questions- those questions which a 16 […]

Three days without writing…and as I sit here wondering what to write about, it completely fascinates me that keywords like penis, whore, and lesbian kiss are what bring most people to my blog from search engines. Yet to contradict that, the most popular tags are relationships, everyman, and hope. Are these two different groups of […]

I once said that writing is like talking, only just written down. I also said that I feel that when I’m writing, I’m talking to specific people. Now I know that’s not it. I talk more than any person on the planet, using my on stage voice (even in small groups) and the corresponding theatrical […]