Since both growing and learning are never ending processes that rely on the outside forces of life, we all have crap that we have to deal with, have dealt with, and even dish out ourselves. Sometimes this crap is as simple as trying to get a tree frog out of your window air conditioner; sometimes this crap is a life altering event such as a violent crime or potentially fatal sickness. But the kicker here is that while my crap may be a tree frog in a window air conditioner, you might not even think tree frogs can BE crap at all. My crap isn’t your crap and yours isn’t mine. The intended point of everyone has crap is that the recognition of other people’s crap, that they even have it, without even having to do anything about it, is a humanizing experience all by itself. We all have crap. Sometimes it’s funny and other times it’s sad. But it’s life- part of growing and learning. Enjoy!


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  1. Mary mcgee · · Reply

    Wonderful Sandy

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