Cancelled: plans, relationship, cable

I had plans today, on my day off from my real job. Plans to meet with the owner of a small paper to discuss me writing for it. I am pretty much already going to do it. We just have to discuss my pittance; I am going to write for exposure and experience, not the money. It’s a small paper. But I’ve been trying to meet this man for almost a month. Although I’m not sure why we have to meet, I’m going to write. Maybe he knows I’m cute (lol) and wants to take my picture for the paper. Either way, he can’t meet. He “started getting a bad chest cold last night.” So that’s that. I sent him a link to my toilet paper that I wrote in college. It’s about toilets, not toilet paper, so it’s a toilet paper, not a toilet paper paper. And yes, I have always been this witty. Too bad I’m not arrogant, or you would hear more about how awesome I am.

Speaking of awesome. I realized that while Michael and I broke up, it’s not because of any fault of my own. It’s not wrong to tell someone who you have been going out with for 3 years that you want to buy a house together, so you have your own space, or get married. It’s not rushing or pushy. 3 years is long enough to figure out if you want to spend the rest of your life with someone. SO I came to the conclusion that while he doesn’t want to “take the next step,” he was content EVERY DAY going through the motions of life with me. But with no plans to move past that. Since he also knew I wanted MORE, I think it was REALLY SHITTY of him to string me along. And he did so because he wanted the companionship without the “official” commitment. Since he cannot imagine life without part of him pining away for his perfect dead wife, because he has done it for SO LONG, AND because grieving is WAY easier than MOVING ON, he chose to let me go instead of letting himself move on with me. Even though I am awesome. So Michael is choosing to grieve for his dead wife of only six years, who has been dead now for eight years, because it is easier than moving on with his girlfriend of 3 years. At least I am still not being strung along.

Oh, I almost forgot about the cable. I went to his house yesterday to get most of my things. And I did. But I left the cable stuff there -the tv boxes and router- thinking I would give him a chance to put something in his name before I took it away, and thinking he would maybe contact me about taking my stuff. Or anything really. The only communication we have had since I left is a shitty comment he made on facebook about him being an asshole. Well now I think he is one. He didn’t contact me at all. So now, since my plans are cancelled, I am gong to cancel the cable and turn the stuff in before the weekend and all the football games he wants to watch. Happy weekend!




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