Taking down Christmas trees

Now that I’ve changed my status from thinker to writer-again, and it feels liberating to get some of these thoughts out of my head-I STILL have to figure out what to do next. Yesterday’s post (http://wp.me/p3W3Na-3w) about where “this” is going helped, yet opened doors I hadn’t thought about. I could continue with those baby steps and just get comfortable writing again. I could write informative pieces, like how electric cars are not even close to reducing carbon emissions if you factor in what’s used to make and operate them. Or I could go political; I have LOTS of facts and thoughts on politics that people may want to read coming from a different viewpoint: a college educated, divorced white mother, homeowner, working at a government job, who is currently transitioning from welfare to independence (remember, I was sick?), AND a conservative. Actually, the electric car thing is political. Everything has the potential to be political I guess.

To change the subject, my dad is currently unpacking the dishwasher. Yes, I am at his house. My parents house. I live-ish here. For now. For how long depends on the sorting, enlightenment, and action. Even though I’m not even the least bit in shape myself (I have had two surgeries myself this year, was close to death twice the year before that with PE’s, and had cancer the year before), I have moved in to take care of them. Both of them have had surgery in the last two months. They needed help. I came to help them out. So I’m here. But I’m still a homeowner and have my own house, which I visit at least once a week. And I still visit my boyfriend at his house a couple of times a week. I pretty much run three houses. Which is why I am tired. And need to relax.

But there’s really no time to relax. Even now I’m thinking that I have to get moving and start my day off. And it’s not even 6AM yet. Looks like I’m headed to my 3rd cup of coffee and to plan my day. So far it’s laundry here, grocery shopping for all three houses, stopping at my house to check to see how my ex-stepdaughter is taking care of it (an entirely new post), and then to the boyfriend’s to grab clothes I left there, and to do some cleaning and sorting of both things and thoughts. Oh, and I need to figure out if I have time to take down any or all of the 3 Christmas trees that I put up. Maybe along the way I will have some enlightenment. Or at least a nap. I can only hope.



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