Oxford commas, working out, and 8mm nodules

So the new “trend” about leaving out the Oxford comma really pisses me off. And I’m a bit hostile as of late with the cancer, blood clots, quitting smoking, being poor, (notice the needed the Oxford comma) and just crap in general- so the comma thing just adds coal to the already sizzling fire. I understand that publishers think that they need that extra little bit of space, but they’re wrong. The main reason they’re wrong, (IMHO) is that the actual MEANING of sentences changes without them. For example: Yesterday I ate a bowl of cereal, a turkey sandwich, a hard boiled egg and chicken salad. Without the oxford comma, it appears that I ate three things and that my chicken salad had a hard boiled egg in it. It did not. I ate four things and had the hard boiled egg as a snack. Let me give you another one, my favorite: Cindy and Dan, Connor, Lori and Brian, Sandy, Matthew and Jake went to the beach. That’s wrong because Matthew and Jake are not a couple. And just one more (please placate my venting): Yesterday I went to the grocery store, cleaned the house, went to the doctor’s for a checkup and took a nap. I really did all of those things, in that order, but I did NOT take my nap at the doctor’s office. The Oxford comma MATTERS! And PLEASE don’t tell me that you’re not using it as “stylistic choice” because there are a ton of other ways to do that; use semi-colons or something else nobody knows how to properly use; don’t omit the Oxford comma. Without it, I would’ve had egg on my salad, my son would be in a relationship with Jake, and I would’ve taken my nap at my doctor’s office.

And since I told you about the doctor. I guess I should let you all know that apparently I won’t be feeling better for at least a month. Yes, ANOTHER month. The clots in my lungs were/are so bad that my doc couldn’t believe I wasn’t struggling to breathe. She also said that I went from a healthy-ish 44 year old getting back into shape after breast cancer surgery to an out of shape 80 year old in the amount of the time that the clots formed. That’s why I’ve been so tired- or maybe I should use her term, “fatigued.” Either way, she said that me being out of shape now (in that my clots are hindering my lungs and circulation) isn’t something I can fix, because I have to wait for the clots to go away. I’ll have the “fatigue” until everything’s properly flowing and then I can get back into shape. She did say that I can do minimal things (like walk) until I get tired, my leg swells, (notice the necessary Oxford comma) or my breathing becomes labored. So far my breathing hasn’t been a part of it; either the fatigue hits me like a sleeping pill or my leg painfully swells. Oh, and she said that I can get to those points in my “workouts” as long as I rest when they hits me. But then, if resting for 15 minutes doesn’t bring me back to what my new “normal” is, I have to call 911. Lovely. My “workouts” so far have been raking my gardens out, sweeping and washing the floor, doing laundry, and light housework. All of those “workouts” have inspired periods of rest for one reason or another. Oh, and I can’t get ready in one “workout” either. I have to take my shower and then rest before I put on my makeup and do my hair.

I’m going to another doctor today: my oncologist. She’s supposed to be following up about the 8mm nodule that I have in my lung and deciding what to do with my treatment since the Tamoxifen caused blood clots. In a horrible irony, my breast cancer nodule was 8mm and I can’t get past that. But, my lymph nodes (all 4 of them) came back clear, so if it is cancer, it’s likely that it’s a new one, not spread from my breast. I’m not sure if that’s good or not. From the research that I did, she’s either going to take a biopsy (because I’m high risk for cancer) or wait a month (which I feel is way too long) to do another CT scan. My research also told me that in cases of Tamoxifen causing blood clots for hormone receptor positive breast cancer, the next step is to do an Oophorectomy, or remove my ovaries. And I didn’t do as much research on that, but I did notice that they don’t recommend it for people under 45 because of the “higher rate of premature death, cancer, heart disease and neurological diseases.” Again, lovely. But we have to wait on the 8mm nodule that lingers in my lung before we do anything. I’ll keep you posted. It’s now my favorite time of day, time for my Lovenox shot. Ugh!


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