Monthly Archives: January 2014

Binary oppositions- sex and making love

Three days without writing…and as I sit here wondering what to write about, it completely fascinates me that keywords like penis, whore, and lesbian kiss are what bring most people to my blog from search engines. Yet to contradict that, the most popular tags are relationships, everyman, and hope. Are these two different groups of […]

Reaching for the right stars

I once said that writing is like talking, only just written down. I also said that I feel that when I’m writing, I’m talking to specific people. Now I know that’s not it. I talk more than any person on the planet, using my on stage voice (even in small groups) and the corresponding theatrical […]

My last online first date

When I first ventured in the online dating world, I did it mainly because I was unemployed and bored. Sure I didn’t think it would hurt to get a little attention and possibly go out with a few of the guys on there. But never in a million years did I believe that I would […]

Explaining Debbie’s kiss

Throughout this blog, I have repeatedly claimed that it is not for you. But it is. And apparently I have some explaining to do about Debbie and why the kiss I received from her on New Year’s meant so much from yesterday’s post┬áRealism, Karma, and Kissing Debbie. One of my readers wrote me that “you […]

Realism, karma, and kissing Debbie

I haven’t written for over a week, mainly because I was tired of the same old crap and figured you all were too. Although now I feel as if I’m behind and need to catch up. I started my job only 4 days ago and New Year’s Eve was almost a week ago. Part of […]