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Blaming Target is like blaming a rape victim: don’t punish them, support them!

Yesterday, just after 2pm, I received an automated call from my credit union. It informed me that there was a major security breach at a major retailer and that it’s possible that my credit card information was stolen. A new credit card was on its way- and until I receive it, I can only make […]

Breaking and entering: fitting and belonging

Have you ever felt like Goldilocks? I am just sitting here, thinking, staring at the screen, pondering what to write about, in my best friend Marie’s HUGE desk chair, looking at her monitor- which is bigger than my TV at home, yet typing on the SMALLEST keyboard over; I feel really tiny. I think I […]

Friendships, responsibility, and guilt

A couple of days ago, I wrote about the relationship I have with my best friend, Marie- here¬† But it really was all about me, in the sense that it was one-sided and only about her as she relates to me. I intended it to be that way (in an ironically humorous way) and now […]

My best friend’s crap, her husband’s penis and whore, and me…

I had to dig through the photos in my old emails not too long ago. I wanted to send “that guy” a particular picture of me that I knew wasn’t in my computer, but that I had previously sent to someone else. And please remember that I believed him to be my everyman, so it […]

Other people’s crap…but really it’s all about me

I always thought that when I started this, that I’d be too private and guarded to share my own crap. Obviously that hasn’t been an issue. But someone asked me to write about other people’s crap, specifically hers, and I’m not sure I have it in me. This is my best friend of 30 years- […]


I have been thinking a lot about words and their meanings. Words are important; we all want our words to be heard, read, and interpreted as they were intended. Linguistically words are the smallest unit of speech that holds meaning. It seems simple. But it’s not. For a word to be assigned that meaning, it […]

Connections: the perfect job, 968 everyman minutes, and free lunches

Lots of crap on the past couple of days…both good and bad. I’m going to accept a job today. And while I’m not even remotely sure if anyone else has applied for the position (or that’s it’s my job yet), I am confident that it is. It’s perfect for me- after the hour long phone […]