Blaming Target is like blaming a rape victim: don’t punish them, support them!

Yesterday, just after 2pm, I received an automated call from my credit union. It informed me that there was a major security breach at a major retailer and that it’s possible that my credit card information was stolen. A new credit card was on its way- and until I receive it, I can only make purchases using it as a debit card, with the PIN. That will take 8-10 business days. If I am not completely satisfied with the length of time, I am free to visit a branch that has the ability to make me a card right then. But basically, my credit union is taking care of it. I love my credit union. What sucks though, are the headlines today in all of the major newspapers blaming Target for this- insinuating that it’s their fault and is going to negatively affect the relationship Target has with its customers.

This isn’t Target’s FAULT; they didn’t invite hackers into their servers to steal the credit card information of 40 million customers. And my favorite quote from all the articles I read, was ABC news: “It is not clear how the system was hacked, but security experts say that Target has one of the best internal security systems of any retailer, so if it can happen to Target, it can happen to any big box retailer.” Really? Then please tell me why every other article is putting the blame on Target and saying to be careful- or not shop there at all. Let me just tell you that after this, Target is probably the ONLY store that I’m going to shop at now- because they will now be taking EXTRA precautions with my credit card information and have their nerdy little techies on it. Target is awesome, don’t blame them for this and that the losers that hacked in to Target’s servers choose them. If anything, Target now needs MORE support.

What’s worse about all of this, is reading the comments made by ignorant people; people who probably didn’t even take the time to read ANY of the articles, let alone comprehend that hackers are to blame for this. One woman wrote this: “It is the DIRECT result of lazy, shoddy, stupid, criminal, dirty employees.” She has no clue; none of us do. I haven’t even ventured on Facebook to look at the comments there, but I will bet that they are equally ignorant. Sure, the hackers gained credit card information of 40 million people, but banks and credit unions have (or should have) security measures in place to block and/or protect their clients accounts when they see suspicious activity. Get a better credit card company, don’t blame Target. I remember on a trip one time out of state, my credit union called me (a real person even), to ask if it was me. Like right then, at the hotel check-in, while the desk clerk was looking at me like I was a bad guy, because the transaction was taking so long to process. My credit union was concerned about it because I was charging more than one room and it was a huge transaction for me.

Target’s stock has already gone down and that’s totally sad. Do you really want to punish a company for reasons they couldn’t control? Do you want to still be able to shop at Target for all the same reasons you did in the first place? To me, this is nothing different then blaming the rape victim for the rape. All Target did was be totally awesome, be the store we wanted to shop at, for whatever reason. Some loser hackers took advantage of them, raping them in a sense, and you’re going to BLAME TARGET?! Shame on you…support Target, they’ve always been there for you.



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