Learning, friendship, and rocks…

I think a lot about everything. I always have, even when I was busy and had “real” things to do. It’s worse now, after all the classes I’ve taken- even worse because I learned what I was taught. It’s now part of the crap that’s stored in me, part of what makes me ME. My 2nd favorite professor (2nd only because I had a HUGE crush on the first one) and I had some intense banter about teaching and learning. He said that teaching and learning go hand and hand. I disagreed and said that to really learn, you have to be open to be taught. It doesn’t matter how effective he is as a teacher- sometimes teaching is just spewing empty facts and data to another person, who is simply going to memorize it and not process it or learn. I still believe that. Someone can be taught and not ever learn. If so, people wouldn’t be apathetic; they wouldn’t be corrupt; they wouldn’t be selfish, and they wouldn’t suck in general. We all are taught not to be those things when we are very young- usually while watching children’s television. His point was that even by teaching to those who simply memorize it, not really learn it, it is still a part of them, to draw upon for when they are ready to connect it to their lives, and finally learn it. In a sense, what he teaches adds to the crap of them and will always be a part of them. Maybe he’s right. I thought about this yesterday as I walked past a rock that looked really cool and wanted to take it home to figure out what kind of rock it was. I had a Geology class and didn’t think I learned anything, because I thought I was just temporarily memorizing the data. But there it was, in my crap of learning and having been taught.

When I sat down today and typed my address in, nothing showed up in my search bar. I hate that. It always makes me wonder where those letters go. They have to go somewhere; I know I pushed them. And because I over-think, it led me to connections that really don’t connect, to what’s really stored in all of everyone’s crap of both learning and life, and to friendships. My son is the age where his friendships are starting to make a difference in his life. He’s 16. Since he’s in a band, his friends are his band members. And I love his friends-even though they pick on me and call me hurricane Sandy. But that’s for another day. This is my favorite picture of them. I actually took it and it was an awesome day. But the shadowing was done intentionally, to highlight the friendship and interaction: the connection. It made me wonder and hope that they stay connected…


From there, I thought about my connections- my current friends and old friends from the past, who are all like words typed out in a search bar that didn’t get there yet, holding in that space in between the keyboard and the search bar, lost until that connection completes the circuit. Sometimes the connection remains incomplete. And that’s ok. But other times, like I experienced recently with an old friend, the words get to where they were intended, the connection is rekindled, and makes a difference. Friends are important, but true friends, the ones that you know are going to complete the circuit, are the ones that really matter. The connection doesn’t always have to be completed, as long as it’s there. And I hope that in my friendships that I complete the circuit, that cycle of lost words found and friendship. It makes one think…Teaching and learning, words lost in that empty space, and the shadows of true friendships are all part of everyone’s crap. We learn from what we are willing to be taught; we type out words to empty spaces, waiting for them to be read; we have friendships that make and break connections. Oh, and no shock that my rock was plain old granite, nothing special. But really everything is special if you think about it long enough.


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