Monthly Archives: December 2013


Normally when I write, I do it first thing when I wake up, with that first cup of coffee, that first sip even at my desk. I have dogs, so it’s after they go out, I actually make and prepare the coffee, and then sit- about 15 minutes. But today I didn’t write first thing; […]

Drinking wine, nose breaking comments, and getting it

This year I did something different at my family Christmas- I drank. No surprise that with at least one bottle of wine in me, it went quite well. I’m not a big drinker at all and am somewhat of a lightweight when it comes to drinking. It hasn’t always been that way, but since I’ve […]

The Christmas spirit, giving, and hope…and I’m still an idiot

Everyone is going to write about Christmas today, so I might as well too. When I started this blog, I always said that it wasn’t for you, it’s for me. It’s been 20 days only, but writing daily has been something that I look forward to every morning because it helps me to work out […]

Looking in the mirror

At 4 am there’s a peacefulness that’s completely relaxing for me. It is now, and has always been, my time to get away from it all and have some alone time. Sometimes I simply play mindless games as an escape from thinking about the bigger meaning of my life, but since I have been writing […]

Altering viewpoints and being thankful for crap- both good and bad

My last semester of college, I was required to take a specific class for seniors in my particular English major only; my Major is Language, Literature, and Writing and the class is called Senior Seminar. Senior Seminar “requires students to understand and analyze literature in English from different historical and cultural perspectives, with an emphasis […]

More tears, on being poor, having hope, and the spirit of Christmas

I start my job in 11 days- my real job, the reason I went to back to school and busted my ass for the last three years (while working full time) to get my degree, and for the hope that I will be financially stable. But for now, I’m flat broke. I can’t even access […]

I’m a pain in the ass for no reason at all, why is that?

When I first sit down in the morning, I have no clue what I’m going to write about. It just comes out. Someone did suggest yesterday that my next post should be titled “I’m a pain in the ass for no reason at all, why is that?” Ouch, that hurts! There are lots of reasons […]