I had plans today, on my day off from my real job. Plans to meet with the owner of a small paper to discuss me writing for it. I am pretty much already going to do it. We just have to discuss my pittance; I am going to write for exposure and experience, not the […]

Boy did my world change in just the two days when I didn’t write. But I did get a nap, there’s always that. I wrote in my last couple of posts that I need to figure out where “this” is going. In more ways than one. And that writing helps me to sort thoughts and […]

Now that I’ve changed my status from thinker to writer-again, and it feels liberating to get some of these thoughts out of my head-I STILL have to figure out what to do next. Yesterday’s post (http://wp.me/p3W3Na-3w) about where “this” is going helped, yet opened doors I hadn’t thought about. I could continue with those baby […]

I used to be a writer; I wrote. But when I was sick, I thought it was too hard to write. So I didn’t write that often. I thought all of the time. I wanted to write, but the thoughts never seemed to form complete thoughts. They were incomplete. Not finished. Scattered. Like my mind. […]

I was thinking this morning while lying in bed listening to the spring thunderstorm how much I have changed in the last year. Well, almost a year. I would say my changes occurred somewhere around the time of my bilateral MRI guided, vacuum assisted breast biopsies last July. To THIS VERY DAY it was the […]

So the new “trend” about leaving out the Oxford comma really pisses me off. And I’m a bit hostile as of late with the cancer, blood clots, quitting smoking, being poor, (notice the needed the Oxford comma) and just crap in general- so the comma thing just adds coal to the already sizzling fire. I […]

I last wrote on March 26 for the only second time writing in a over a year. I wanted to start writing every day again, now that I was on the mend, or at least starting to feel better. Sure I was STILL taking 2 hour naps every day and was completely exhausted, but I […]